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In another case of justice for violent lawless thugs, a deviant evildoer was gunned down by pol— oh wait it was a white lady and she was taken into custody bloodlessly after driving around Chattanooga, Tennessee, clad in body armor, shooting at innocent people and pointing her loaded gun at cops.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press explains:

Chattanooga Police officers first responded to a report of shots fired on 1300 Cloverdale around 3:52 p.m., according to a news release from the Chattanooga Police Department.

Once the officers arrived on scene, they found two victims who said they were at a stop sign when the suspect, Julia Shields, pulled up in a dark colored sedan and fired shots into their vehicle, the release said.

A short time after this incident, police received several additional calls reporting that Shields was pointing her firearm at people as she drove pass them.

WRCB, Chattanooga's NBC affiliate, spoke with an eyewitness to some of the mayhem. "She already had the window down," the witness said of Shields. "She had black baseball a cap on. And she had, her hair was frizzy and pulled back. And I just saw like a silver 9mm pointed outside."

At some point, Shields pulled into the parking lot of a Baptist church and chilled out. But not for long; emphasis added:

Shields escaped the parking lot in her car and led officers on a chase down Highway 153 and Hixson Pike, and continued to point her firearm at vehicles as she passed them.

The chase ended at the intersection of Cloverdale Drive and Koblan Drive, as Shields pointed her firearm at an officer, before being taken into custody without incident or injury.

A lot of people might be surprised that lethal force was not used to subdue an armored active shooter in a vehicle pointing hot firearms at cops. But, like, come on. Look at Julia Shields:

Where is the threat?

[Photo via Chattanooga Times Free Press]