Ready for a mental health break? Me, too. Our old friend Pareene is classing up the walls with a bucket of hot guest-blogging over at Andrew Sullivan's joint this week, and he shares this video that he assures us will definitively settle the great drone debate.

"I was looking for the angry ram with my fpv quadcopter, I got a bit close & he managed to hit it knocking it into a bush, luckily no harm done," the video's poster writes on YouTube. "When I went to retrieve it he followed me, I had my hands full so he got me pretty good."

Pay attention, defense planners! Executing UAV surveillance of wildlife is like learning to eat soup with a knife, or like cutting Jell-O with a tribal scimitar, or like giving the Mau Mau what-for, or like coming up with a non-shitty metaphor for counterinsurgency.