Satan statues are nothing new. They are the province of jokesters and tongue-in-cheek religious-freedomers. But sometimes, a special Satan statue comes along and changes your mind. This is the story of one special Satan statue, in Canada. A Satan statue with a huge dong.

Via Global News' Peter Meiszner:

A rogue art installation in Vancouver had commuters doing a devilish double-take for a few hours today. It was erected – so to speak – sometime overnight – and as Jeremy Hunka reports, the now-removed statue had more than a few people "turning red."

...The large red statue, complete with horns and a tail, is anatomically "complete."

Global News reporters Jeremy Hunka and Gary Borecky got some boss shots of gawkers visiting the statue, as well as a video you can find here on their website.

The site of the art erection, a small park beside a train line and busy highway, originally housed a statue of Christopher Columbus that was moved some years ago.

Nobody's sure who put up this Black Magic Mike in Columbus' place, but Vancouver moved to get it down with a quickness.

"The statue was not a piece of City commissioned artwork and consequently it has been removed," a spokeswoman said. Thus ended Vancouver's experiment with pubic art.

"Bizarre," said one of the workers who took the statue down, when asked about it. "Gonna have nightmares."

[Video screenshots via Jeremy Hunka]