Whoa whoa whoa. What the heck is up with that weird sunspot in the middle of the shot? Don't you have a clear image from this heart-warming, woman-dominated gun-rights demonstration, National Rifle Association? Oh. Oh...

Slate's Ben Mathis-Lilley points out that the image—used to adorn multiple stories this month on the NRA's political advocacy site—sure looks like this stock photo of a "campaign rally" from Getty:

"[W]e must remain vigilant in beating back any attempts to restrict our freedom, while working to ensure we capitalize on any opportunity to strengthen our gun rights," one of the NRA articles reads. Any opportunity, including Adobe's Creative Suite.

Slate, for its part, is making a very limited claim, saying only that the NRA image "appears to be photoshopped." That's fair. It's always possible the NRA used Pixelmator.

By the way, 81 percent of all NRA event attendees are male, according to the NRA.