Dumb Marco Rubio Has a Dumb Plan to Expand Gitmo, Torture More Folks

Adam Weinstein · 04/15/15 12:58PM

Desperate to stand apart from the pack and court soccer moms with a thirst for waterboarding, future presidential also-ran Marco Rubio staked out a remarkable policy position on day one of his campaign: He'd grow the detainee population at Guantánamo and "aggressively" pump prisoners for intelligence.

Well-Paid Torture Apologist Has Wrongest Take Ever on Torture's Upside

Adam Weinstein · 12/15/14 05:06PM

Glistening war dome Eli Lake, late of Bloomberg Politics, just can't stand that hand-wringing Senate report about torture being bad and ineffective. So he turned it upside down and tried to read it all backwards-like, and it turns out torture is super good at helping Americans, maybe, possibly. That'll be $275,000, please!

This CIA Torturer's $1.3 Million House Sure Looks Nice

Adam Weinstein · 12/15/14 05:05PM

This is a "Custom-Contemporary Cape Cod on 5 wooded acres" in Great Falls, Virginia, zoned for Langley High School. It's 4,240 square feet, has lovely features inside and out, and is really just a dream. For you. But it's just one of several homes that one CIA officer managed to own with all the money he made as a torturer.

Federal Judge Orders U.S. to Release Video of Gitmo Force-Feedings

Adam Weinstein · 10/03/14 03:40PM

A judge in the federal circuit of Washington ruled this afternoon that U.S. officials must make video available to the public of 28 instances in which they force-fed a hunger-striking Syrian detainee in the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.