Pentagon Workers Used DOD Credit Cards For Sexy Times With Vegas Escorts

Adam Weinstein · 05/07/15 11:57AM

A soon-to-be-released military audit will reveal that “a number of Pentagon employees” gambled and solicited escorts in Atlantic City and Las Vegas on the taxpayer dime, prompting one U.S. senator to remind civil servants not to use their government credit cards “for prostitutes.”

Help Us Name Our New War in Iraq and Syria

Adam Weinstein · 10/03/14 03:11PM

It's no Desert Storm. It's not even Desert Fox. It wishes it was Desert Crossing. It can't be Operation Iraqi Freedom, since we've used that, although it could be Operation Freedom Is Messy. The point is: U.S. war planners now say they need a name for this thing that's totally not a war, but a "targeted operation."

Maybe We'll Have a War in Somalia Now, or Just Keep Quietly Bombing It

Adam Weinstein · 09/02/14 08:41AM

Pentagon officials announced over the weekend that they'd executed some kind of an air-strike operation against members of Al-Shabaab, an Islamist militant group in Somalia, because apparently defense planners are really used to multitasking at this point, and it feels weird now to just bomb one thing, you know?