White Lunatic Arrested For Terrorizing Kindly Muslim Couple at Gunpoint

Adam Weinstein · 05/28/15 11:40AM

Majida and Adly Abumayaleh were just driving across their suburban Minneapolis-area neighborhood on a Friday night to get their teen son from a party. Until a self-appointed watchwoman, Nancy Kay Knoble, decided they might be agents of international jihad and grabbed a rifle.

Adam Weinstein · 09/16/14 12:38PM

"State Rep. John Bennett, Republican from Sallisaw, will discuss the history of Islam, Mohammed, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ISIS and threats to the United States at 7 p.m. Monday at Western Sizzlin restaurant in Sallisaw." L'America!

Illiterate Oklahoma Republicans Defend Their Illiterate Idea of Islam

Adam Weinstein · 09/05/14 03:13PM

A Republican Oklahoma lawmaker and his state party chairman would like you to know that all Muslims want to enslave or kill you. I would like you to know just how far below grade level these patriotic statesmen's reading, writing and speaking abilities are.