A History of Thugs

Adam Weinstein · 12/10/14 09:00AM

Civilization is imperiled. Demonic dark-skinned criminals exult in seizing property and security. Only a vanguard of brave uniformed officers can take them off the streets and restore order. It is 1835, and whites are finally confronting what Mark Twain will soon call "the satanic brotherhood of the Thugs."

Dumb Racists Photoshop Ferguson Protester Into Awful Viral Meme

Adam Weinstein · 12/03/14 12:55PM

Jermell Hasson spent his summer sleeping in a parking lot in Ferguson to join the protests over Michael Brown's shooting by police. Hasson's reward was to become racist America's favorite meme, after a doctored image of him was shared thousands of times across the internet's dark, sticky id-corners.

Ferguson Cop Supporters Crowdfunded a "Pants Up, Don't Loot" Billboard

Adam Weinstein · 11/17/14 12:05PM

Spurred on by a Tennessee resident who is concerned about the Ferguson protesters and their catchy chants, supporters of police officer Darren Wilson have donated more than enough money to post a billboard in the heart of the St. Louis suburb reading "#PantsUPDontLoot."

James O'Keefe Wannabe "Exposes" Michael Brown's Instagram

Adam Weinstein · 09/05/14 11:14AM

If Andrew Breitbart injected a Chia Pet with ginger and turkey fat, then died before he could bring it in out of the sun, the resulting mass would grow up to become Chuck C. Johnson. The right-wing provocateur gave America a race-baiting level-up Thursday by releasing pics from Michael Brown's social media.