Bowe Bergdahl Isn't Charged With Desertion, But He's Still Fucked

Adam Weinstein · 01/27/15 03:25PM

Bowe Bergdahl, the eccentric Army enlistee and final Afghanistan P.O.W. whose release from Taliban custody left detractors screaming for his corpse, may face desertion charges soon. Or maybe not. No one knows for certain just yet. But either way, these blogospheric anti-Bergdahl snuff-porn fantasies will be heard, dammit.

Rich White Guy Who Knows a Guy Plans to Run For President

Adam Weinstein · 12/16/14 11:25AM

Jeb Bush, the "smart" one, announced this morning in a tweet and a Facebook post that he is probably running for president in an election that's 693 days from now, and definitely forming a PAC through which you can give him money if you like the idea of him running for president.

9 Reasons Michele Bachmann Is a Perfect Fit for Buzzfeed

Adam Weinstein · 12/01/14 12:44PM

Perhaps Ben Smith has finally found a suitable replacement for serial plagiarist and right-wing fanboy Benny Johnson in that shiny reductio ad absurdum of conservative id, outgoing Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

Adam Weinstein · 09/15/14 10:26AM

"A PhD was nice, but if you couldn't get the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee on the phone, what did you really know about what was going on in Congress?" Take some time today to consider how much more money Ezra Klein makes than you ever will.

L.A. Times Reporter Basically Let the CIA Edit His Stories on the CIA

Adam Weinstein · 09/04/14 03:16PM

As media evolves, many journalists are looking for new ways to improve efficiency. For instance, Ken Dilanian—current AP reporter and former L.A. Times writer—often lets his sources at the Central Intelligence Agency exercise editorial control over stories about them.