Right-Wing Dicks Offer a Primer on How Not to Mourn a Terror Victim

Adam Weinstein · 02/11/15 06:21PM

Amid all the slights and grievances, real and perceived, between conservatives and liberals in America, you might imagine some common baseline moral sentiments—like, say, mourning a young American woman killed in ISIS custody. But to some well-compensated mavens of the right, she's just a dead "bitch."

Watch Ted Cruz Get Booed Off the Stage by a Bunch of Christians

Adam Weinstein · 09/11/14 12:53PM

Under "epically smarmy grandstanding pantomimes" in the dictionary, see Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who punked a conference crowd last night with some off-teleprompter shit-talk in order to score some points with his base of support on Twitter.