White Lunatic Arrested For Terrorizing Kindly Muslim Couple at Gunpoint

Adam Weinstein · 05/28/15 11:40AM

Majida and Adly Abumayaleh were just driving across their suburban Minneapolis-area neighborhood on a Friday night to get their teen son from a party. Until a self-appointed watchwoman, Nancy Kay Knoble, decided they might be agents of international jihad and grabbed a rifle.

Right-Wing Dicks Offer a Primer on How Not to Mourn a Terror Victim

Adam Weinstein · 02/11/15 06:21PM

Amid all the slights and grievances, real and perceived, between conservatives and liberals in America, you might imagine some common baseline moral sentiments—like, say, mourning a young American woman killed in ISIS custody. But to some well-compensated mavens of the right, she's just a dead "bitch."

Viral Hate Campaign Used a Photo of an Afghan Women's Rights Hero

Adam Weinstein · 09/22/14 12:19PM

The photo above depicts Malalai Kakar, a pioneering female police officer who aided "victims of domestic violence, rape, and forced marriage" before the Taliban murdered her in 2008. Her photographer was shocked to find conservatives using the image this month in a viral anti-Muslim campaign.

Illiterate Oklahoma Republicans Defend Their Illiterate Idea of Islam

Adam Weinstein · 09/05/14 03:13PM

A Republican Oklahoma lawmaker and his state party chairman would like you to know that all Muslims want to enslave or kill you. I would like you to know just how far below grade level these patriotic statesmen's reading, writing and speaking abilities are.