Pentagon Workers Used DOD Credit Cards For Sexy Times With Vegas Escorts

Adam Weinstein · 05/07/15 11:57AM

A soon-to-be-released military audit will reveal that “a number of Pentagon employees” gambled and solicited escorts in Atlantic City and Las Vegas on the taxpayer dime, prompting one U.S. senator to remind civil servants not to use their government credit cards “for prostitutes.”

Afghan Police Training Base Melts, Makes Good Metaphor for Afghan War

Adam Weinstein · 01/15/15 11:02AM

Investigators this week called the military to task for paying Afghan contractors half a million dollars to construct a training base "made mostly of sand" that melted in the rain four months later, calling the now-demolished project "not only an embarrassment, but, more significantly, a waste of U.S. taxpayers' money."

The Navy's Top Intel Official Is Banned From Seeing Classified Intel

Adam Weinstein · 11/03/14 02:07PM

The U.S. Navy has a three-star admiral in charge of all its intelligence-gathering and analysis efforts. But for a year, he has been barred by officials from viewing any secret intelligence, essentially making his job moot and leaving the service dead in the water when it comes to gathering critical information.

Abortions and Penis Fetishes: Is This the World's Worst Televangelist?

Adam Weinstein · 10/14/14 11:34AM

In the televangelism world, Ernest Angley used to be a big deal, up there with Oral Roberts and Jimmy Swaggart. But the 93-year-old's Grace Cathedral seems quaint and a little creepy now. A new investigation says that might have to do with Angley's weird encroachments into his flock's sexual and reproductive lives.