Naval Hovercraft Wipes Out Kayaker Off Florida Coast

Adam Weinstein · 04/27/15 12:40PM

Florida and Navy officials revealed last Friday that they’re investigating an incident in which a U.S. Navy hovercraft being operated off-base by military contractors ran over a kayaker at high speed, leaving him bloodied in the water off Panama City Beach.

Even the NRA Can't Believe These Assholes With Gun Ranges in Their Yards

Adam Weinstein · 02/03/15 04:29PM

Joseph Carannate just got old enough to (legally) own his 9mm handgun and was ready for some next-level Second Amendmenting: He set up a sad-looking pile of dirt and wood in the yard of his suburban house as a makeshift firing range. He's just taking advantage of a pro-gun Florida law that leaves even the NRA aghast.

Florida Cop Pulls Over Harvard Grad for Blasting "Fuck Tha Police" 

Adam Weinstein · 12/15/14 11:50AM

In 17 years as a Hialeah cop, Harold Garzon has racked up 16 internal affairs cases against him. He may have a 17th case, after pulling over the wrong guy for playing N.W.A. on his car stereo: a "double Harvard graduate" and current law student who wasn't snowed by Garzon's poor command of state noise ordinances.

Cops "Surprise" Middle School Students With "Active Shooter" Drill

Adam Weinstein · 11/17/14 01:25PM

Terror and death can strike anyone at any time. That's the lesson for Winter Haven, Florida, middle school students, parents and teachers, who were treated to a very special episode of terror last week after the local police staged a mass shooting drill on the school grounds without warning anyone beforehand.

Satanists Made a Coloring Book for Public Schoolkids, and It's Not Bad

Adam Weinstein · 10/31/14 11:40AM

Just in time for Halloween, the Satanic Temple is pushing Orlando-area public schools to distribute a Beelzebub-oriented coloring book to the kiddies, who already get Bibles from a local megachurch and conservative lobby group. The crazy thing is, the Satanists have made a pretty decent coloring book.

GOP Rallies Florida Voters by Calling Campus Rape Culture a "Lie"

Adam Weinstein · 10/30/14 10:30AM

Florida Republicans organized a get-out-the-vote rally in Sarasota Tuesday night to help tip a tight governor's race in conservative Rick Scott's favor. First, the 700 ralliers heard from Bobby Jindal. Then, they applauded a right-wing radio host who called rape culture "nonsense" from "the feminist left."

Florida Vows Not to Let Gays Make a Mockery of Divorce, Either

Adam Weinstein · 10/23/14 01:09PM

Not content simply to ban gay marriage, conservative Florida Attorney General and champion long-starer Pam Bondi filed a brief this week begging a judge not to grant a divorce to a lesbian whose civil-union partner left her alone years ago.

GOP Congressman Says He's Not Sexist, Because Women Dig Lingerie

Adam Weinstein · 09/12/14 03:17PM

Steve Southerland, a tea partier in a tough battle for his Florida congressional seat with the daughter of a Democratic ex-senator, caught criticism last week for hosting a closed-doors men-only fundraiser. But he told reporters today that he's no misogynist, because he knows how ladies do love negligees.