Watch This Sheep Fuck Up a Drone

Adam Weinstein · 09/02/14 02:48PM

Ready for a mental health break? Me, too. Our old friend Pareene is classing up the walls with a bucket of hot guest-blogging over at Andrew Sullivan's joint this week, and he shares this video that he assures us will definitively settle the great drone debate.

Why Is the U.S. Air Force Ordering Tents for an Airstrip in Niger?

Adam Weinstein · 09/02/14 11:18AM

U.S. forces are attacking ISIS fighters in Iraq and Al-Shabaab in Somalia. But today's surest sign that the Obama administration is widening the endless War On Terror™ may be an Air Force bid for 18 tan canvas tents, to be shipped to an airbase in Niamey, Niger.