Remember When Bush and Cheney Fought Over Bombing Iran?

Adam Weinstein · 04/22/15 09:52AM

There was Dick Cheney, as always, arguing that the only way to deal with Iran was to bomb it back to 1953. But President George W. Bush, on the unanimous advice of his generals, decided such a campaign would be a disaster—and Cheney began an end run that’s working wonders with today’s top Republicans.

Dick Cheney: Obama "Worst President" Ever, Wants "to Take America Down"

Adam Weinstein · 04/08/15 03:13PM

Someday, friend-shooting mountain warlord Dick Cheney is going to unzip his skin and Andy Kaufman will leap out. Until then, we can enjoy his slapstick apocalyptic-shaman shtick, like this interview yesterday in which he vacillated "between the various theories" on why Barack Obumbler is so weak and evil.

Realizing Lifelong Dream, Dick Cheney Is Greeted as Liberator in U.S.

Adam Weinstein · 09/10/14 11:40AM

Much has been made of the return of America's neoconservative Iraq hawks to the media circuits since that country's slow descent into chaos became a fast descent into chaos. But now that war's coming back, Dick Cheney is having a real moment. Not just a moment: He's straight-up MacArthuring.