Is Tom Cotton Real?

Adam Weinstein · 04/08/15 11:50AM

Future generations will read of a warmongering Southern senator named Cotton and think we made that shit up. Will they be right? Let's lay out what we know, and what we don't.

The Department of Homeland Security Is Still Stupid and Pointless

Adam Weinstein · 01/14/15 02:48PM

Congressional Republicans, who 13 long years ago helped create a dumb massive federal "homeland security" bureaucracy, vowed this week that they'll keep it operating only if Barack Obama takes a harder line on immigrants to America. There's a simple solution here: Keep immigration open, and let the bureaucracy wither.

Boehner Faces Challenge From Tea Party Weirdos, and Also Louie Gohmert

Adam Weinstein · 01/05/15 12:25PM

Jerky-flavored swizzle stick John Boehner, the face of the GOP House majority for the past four years, faces a stiff challenge to retain his speaker's post from a delicious cornucopia of conservatives who are fed up with the Ohio Republican's Obama-coddling multiculti socialist leadership.

Americans Who Just Voted for the GOP Blame Everything on the GOP

Adam Weinstein · 12/01/14 01:19PM

A new CNN/ORC poll suggest half of Americans "believe Republican control of both chambers of Congress will be bad for the country, and a majority say it will in fact cause more gridlock in Washington." If only these Americans had a recent opportunity to effect a different political outcome!

9 Reasons Michele Bachmann Is a Perfect Fit for Buzzfeed

Adam Weinstein · 12/01/14 12:44PM

Perhaps Ben Smith has finally found a suitable replacement for serial plagiarist and right-wing fanboy Benny Johnson in that shiny reductio ad absurdum of conservative id, outgoing Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

Who Has One Thumb and Strong Opinions About Mitch McConnell?

Adam Weinstein · 11/04/14 03:30PM

"A voter gestures as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) votes in the midterm elections at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky," the Getty Images caption reads. That's... accurate as far as it goes. Happy Election Day, Mitch.

Who Did You Vote For Today?

Adam Weinstein · 11/04/14 11:11AM

Who and what did you end up voting for? Have any hassles at the polls? Clashes between armed patriots and New Black Panthers? Sick to death about these godawful choices? Give us your experiences/thoughts/photos, from ranty picks to newsworthy voting irregularities.

GOP Congressman Says He's Not Sexist, Because Women Dig Lingerie

Adam Weinstein · 09/12/14 03:17PM

Steve Southerland, a tea partier in a tough battle for his Florida congressional seat with the daughter of a Democratic ex-senator, caught criticism last week for hosting a closed-doors men-only fundraiser. But he told reporters today that he's no misogynist, because he knows how ladies do love negligees.

Congressman Unveils Bill to Make War In Iraq, Everywhere Else Forever

Adam Weinstein · 09/03/14 01:11PM

Perhaps out of legitimate fears over ISIS's increasing power among civilians in the Middle East and jihadists far beyond, or perhaps just because it's an election year, one Republican congressman has unveiled legislation to declare a ceaseless war against at least six terrorist groups in multiple countries.