Woman in Body Armor Leads Police on Car Chase After Shooting Spree

Adam Weinstein · 12/29/14 11:05AM

In another case of justice for violent lawless thugs, a deviant evildoer was gunned down by pol— oh wait it was a white lady and she was taken into custody bloodlessly after driving around Chattanooga, Tennessee, clad in body armor, shooting at innocent people and pointing her loaded gun at cops.

Judge: S.C. Erred in Convicting, Executing Black 14-Year-Old in 1944

Adam Weinstein · 12/17/14 04:10PM

George Stinney Jr., 14, pictured above, was the youngest person put to death in the United States in the 20th century. But a judge in South Carolina voided his conviction Wednesday, saying the youth didn't get a fair trial when he was convicted of killing two white girls in the Jim Crow South.

Florida Cop Pulls Over Harvard Grad for Blasting "Fuck Tha Police" 

Adam Weinstein · 12/15/14 11:50AM

In 17 years as a Hialeah cop, Harold Garzon has racked up 16 internal affairs cases against him. He may have a 17th case, after pulling over the wrong guy for playing N.W.A. on his car stereo: a "double Harvard graduate" and current law student who wasn't snowed by Garzon's poor command of state noise ordinances.

A History of Thugs

Adam Weinstein · 12/10/14 09:00AM

Civilization is imperiled. Demonic dark-skinned criminals exult in seizing property and security. Only a vanguard of brave uniformed officers can take them off the streets and restore order. It is 1835, and whites are finally confronting what Mark Twain will soon call "the satanic brotherhood of the Thugs."

Ferguson Cop Supporters Crowdfunded a "Pants Up, Don't Loot" Billboard

Adam Weinstein · 11/17/14 12:05PM

Spurred on by a Tennessee resident who is concerned about the Ferguson protesters and their catchy chants, supporters of police officer Darren Wilson have donated more than enough money to post a billboard in the heart of the St. Louis suburb reading "#PantsUPDontLoot."

Montanans Not Sure About This Plan for a Racially Diverse KKK Chapter

Adam Weinstein · 11/06/14 12:30PM

If congressional Republicans can win over the same electorate that voted for Barack Obama twice, then maybe one of Montana's most notorious white supremacists can drum up interest in his plan for a kindler, gentler Ku Klux Klan that welcomes minorities, Jews, and gays.

Here's the Craziest Guy Who Got Elected in Last Night's GOP Beatdown

Adam Weinstein · 11/05/14 04:40PM

You may not know or remember the earlier exploits of Lt. Gordon "Dr. Chaps" Klingenschmitt (USN-Ret.), the new state representative for evangelical wackadoo-heavy Colorado Springs. But let us remind you, because he's probably the most insane of nutso politicians elected last night.

Florida Vows Not to Let Gays Make a Mockery of Divorce, Either

Adam Weinstein · 10/23/14 01:09PM

Not content simply to ban gay marriage, conservative Florida Attorney General and champion long-starer Pam Bondi filed a brief this week begging a judge not to grant a divorce to a lesbian whose civil-union partner left her alone years ago.

South Carolina Republican Calls Gay Couples "Gremlins"

Adam Weinstein · 10/20/14 01:12PM

Anthony Culler is the Republican candidate for United States Congress in South Carolina's 6th District. He probably wasn't in any danger of beating longtime incumbent James Clyburn in this heavily Democratic district. But he sure does want everybody to know how much he hates the gays.

The Army Is a Great Place to Be White

Adam Weinstein · 09/12/14 02:16PM

The enlisted ranks of the U.S. armed forces are pretty diverse. The officer ranks of the U.S. Army are not. For instance, there is one black colonel—one—running an armor, infantry, or artillery brigade in the world's premier fighting force this year.* Is this a problem? Hell yes, it is.