A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows more Americans than ever want a ground war to fight ISIS. More Caucasian, Republican, male, senior Americans than ever!

A plurality, 41 percent, of Americans polled support ground combat and air strikes against the Islamic State, while 35 percent support air strikes alone. That was a total flip from last month's poll, "when 40 percent wanted just airstrikes and 34 wanted both airstrikes and combat troops," NBC reports.

Almost all of the new uptick in support for sending U.S. ground troops to fight a crusade against Islamist gangbangers in Iraq and Syria came from tax-hating old white farts who would take no part in the combat, the network says:

The seven-point increase in those also wanting U.S. ground troops has been fueled mostly by groups that make up the GOP base. More self-described Republicans (up 14 points), men over 50 years old (up 18), white men (up 17) and seniors (up 10) now advocate for troops on the ground in the fight against the terror group. There's been virtually no change since September among Democrats, young people, and white women.

The average age of American soldiers is 29.3 and the average age of Marines is 25.5, according to the DOD. (That figure includes career officers; the average age of trigger-pullers most likely to suffer combat-related death or injury is likely considerably lower.)

On the other hand, the poll also showed that Americans hate tea partiers more now than ever, so it's kind of a mixed bag for the grumpy old white jerks.