In searching for a photo to accompany this post recounting old and new instances of Dick Cheney’s Iran warmongering, I discovered something weird: Associated Press photographers had amassed a trove of shots of Cheney creepily lurking behind Dubya for eight damn years.

I started with the most recent images. By the time I’d gotten to 2006, a half-hour in, I realized these needed to be archived for posterity. As the 2016 election nears and the rhetoric on Iran ramps up among GOP presidential hopefuls, Cheney lurks on, still in the background, just out of the frame. Keep an eye out!

Here is a partial collection of Cheney’s vintage creeper shots:

As a bonus, here’s a collection of Cheney creeping on Dubya’s dad:

And even one shot of Cheney doin’ it in 1975 to his protege, Donald Rumsfeld:

See you in 2016, Dick. Maybe even in 2032, if you can get your hands on another heart by then.

[Photo credits: AP]