It's been a summer of siege. From Cliven to ISIS to Ferguson, it's hard not to have a bunker mentality about things. We're no different here at Gawker, which is why we're building a new encampment. We call it Fortress America.

Welcome! I'm Adam Weinstein, and I'm in command of this scrappy outpost. shares its name with a campy 1980's Milton Bradley board game about an invasion of the homeland, and that's the spirit of the blog: It aims for sometimes serious, sometimes fun discussion of everything that besieges us and makes us feel insecure, from the local to the global. A lot of that discussion is already happening in virtual parts.

It's no secret that I'm fascinated by global security, as well as national politics, paranoia, xenophobia, moral panic, guns, student debt, and Florida. These are some things I hope we can cover here. But they're certainly not all we'll cover.

In truth, we're not entirely sure what Fortress America will cover. It's an experiment, a work in progress. It's largely up to you. But my hope is it puts writers—lots of writers!—and commenters in dialogue over insecurity, broadly understood, and that it becomes an un-intimidating destination both for people with deep abiding interests there, and people who don't know a MANPAD from a Manwich.

So hunker down and grab a survival PB&J Candwich, and maybe a pitchfork. And if you have any opinions on what a Kinja such as this should cover, drop 'em in the comments. Let's get insecure, baby.

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