Help Us Name Our New War in Iraq and Syria

Adam Weinstein · 10/03/14 03:11PM

It's no Desert Storm. It's not even Desert Fox. It wishes it was Desert Crossing. It can't be Operation Iraqi Freedom, since we've used that, although it could be Operation Freedom Is Messy. The point is: U.S. war planners now say they need a name for this thing that's totally not a war, but a "targeted operation."

Iraq Claims Our Subways Are Going to Be Attacked, Maybe

Adam Weinstein · 09/25/14 11:24AM

In his introduction to the international scene Thursday, Iraq's new prime minister told a gaggle of journalists at the U.N. that his country had discovered an "imminent" attack plot by Islamic State fighters against "subway systems in United States and Paris."

You Can't Not Have a Ground War in Iraq

Adam Weinstein · 09/16/14 02:12PM

Did you hear Barack Obama say last week that the U.S. would "not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq"? You may think that precludes U.S. foot troops from potentially leading Kurds and Iraqis in direct combat with Islamic State fighters. Don't think that.

Realizing Lifelong Dream, Dick Cheney Is Greeted as Liberator in U.S.

Adam Weinstein · 09/10/14 11:40AM

Much has been made of the return of America's neoconservative Iraq hawks to the media circuits since that country's slow descent into chaos became a fast descent into chaos. But now that war's coming back, Dick Cheney is having a real moment. Not just a moment: He's straight-up MacArthuring.

Congressman Unveils Bill to Make War In Iraq, Everywhere Else Forever

Adam Weinstein · 09/03/14 01:11PM

Perhaps out of legitimate fears over ISIS's increasing power among civilians in the Middle East and jihadists far beyond, or perhaps just because it's an election year, one Republican congressman has unveiled legislation to declare a ceaseless war against at least six terrorist groups in multiple countries.