The Gawker Voter's Exhaustive Guide to the 2014 Midterm Elections

Adam Weinstein · 11/04/14 08:00AM

Voting sucks. Off-year voting sucks the worst. Like Valentine's, Election Day 2014 seems less a heartfelt chance to express preferences than a mandate to give one's limited purchasing options a whiff of will and legitimacy. You can be forgiven for apathy. But you still must make some choices. Here's some info to help.

N.C. Voting Machines Changed Democratic Votes to Republican Ones

Adam Weinstein · 11/03/14 12:47PM

At least two electronic voting machines in a North Carolina county have been taken out of service after early voters reported that the machines repeatedly registered their Democratic choices as Republican votes in Sen. Kay Hagan's contentious reelection bid.

Koch Brothers' Political Group Tried to Register a Cat to Vote

Adam Weinstein · 09/26/14 01:39PM

Americans for Prosperity stands for free markets and liberty and against Kenyan socialism and voter fraud. That's why it's so important to AFP to make sure that you and your cat are ready to vote in North Carolina next month.

Georgia Lawmaker Vows to End Early Voting Because Blacks Vote That Way

Adam Weinstein · 09/09/14 12:28PM

Georgia Sen. Fran Millar, Republican of Dunwoody, has vowed to fight a plan to allow voting on Sunday because precincts will be "dominated by African American shoppers and... several large African American mega churches," and he "would prefer more educated voters."