Boehner Faces Challenge From Tea Party Weirdos, and Also Louie Gohmert

Adam Weinstein · 01/05/15 12:25PM

Jerky-flavored swizzle stick John Boehner, the face of the GOP House majority for the past four years, faces a stiff challenge to retain his speaker's post from a delicious cornucopia of conservatives who are fed up with the Ohio Republican's Obama-coddling multiculti socialist leadership.

Who Did You Vote For Today?

Adam Weinstein · 11/04/14 11:11AM

Who and what did you end up voting for? Have any hassles at the polls? Clashes between armed patriots and New Black Panthers? Sick to death about these godawful choices? Give us your experiences/thoughts/photos, from ranty picks to newsworthy voting irregularities.

The Gawker Voter's Exhaustive Guide to the 2014 Midterm Elections

Adam Weinstein · 11/04/14 08:00AM

Voting sucks. Off-year voting sucks the worst. Like Valentine's, Election Day 2014 seems less a heartfelt chance to express preferences than a mandate to give one's limited purchasing options a whiff of will and legitimacy. You can be forgiven for apathy. But you still must make some choices. Here's some info to help.