Blackwater Is Still Getting Rich Screwing Up Our War on Afghan Drugs

Adam Weinstein · 03/31/15 03:06PM

The logo and the company name change, but business stays the same. The mercenary syndicate formerly known as Blackwater has raked in more than half a billion dollars from U.S. contracts to thoroughly fail at stemming the terrorist-supported trade in Afghan opium, according to a new government report.

Ebola Vaccine Finally Getting Tested Because Americans Freaked Out

Adam Weinstein · 10/24/14 10:18AM

There is an Ebola vaccine that is 100 percent effective on monkeys. It has sat on a shelf, untested and unavailable to humans, for nearly a decade, while thousands of Africans died of the virus, because drug research is expensive and who's gonna pay Big Pharma for all that risk? Dying Africans? It's market economics, people.