9/11 Gitmo Trial Stops When Court Linguist Is Fingered as CIA Torturer

Adam Weinstein · 02/09/15 12:52PM

A hearing in the trial against several accused 9/11 terror plotters at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, was halted Monday after several of the defendants said they recognized their court-appointed linguist as a worker at a CIA "Black Site" where they were held several years ago.

The Case That the Saudis Did 9/11, Explained

Adam Weinstein · 02/06/15 02:18PM

New claims from the so-called "20th hijacker" have bolstered the almost-unthinkable scenario that the 9/11 terrorists were directly backed by a Saudi royal family with intimate personal and financial ties to the Bush clan, the U.S. intelligence community, and Rupert Murdoch's Fox News.

Cell Phones Are Ruining Corn Mazes

Adam Weinstein · 11/11/14 01:00PM

America is in the throes of a maize maze malaise: People keep getting lost in corn mazes and calling 911.