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Mark Finkelstein, a NewsBusters editor dedicated to "COMBATING LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS" who "spent ten days in Iraq" once, has a scoop: MSNBC host Chris Hayes was really sexist on the air last night. Which is true, if you don't know who Girl Talk is. Mark Finkelstein does not know who Girl Talk is.

Finkelstein evidently had his nose pressed to the plasma screen, intently watching Hayes' All In program yesterday evening. What Finkelstein heard so incensed him that he dashed off a post at 9:42 p.m. with the headline:

"Paging the MSNBC PC police!" Finkelstein crowed:

On his All In show this evening, Chris Hayes used some decidedly un-PC language to dismiss concerns that ISIS or other terrorist groups might be infiltrating across our porous southern border.

Huffed Hayes: "in the years since September 11, there have been occasional stories of this type. Sort of, a kind of girl talk mash-up of the fear about the border and the fear about terrorism being fused together." The fear of terrorists coming across the border is "girl talk?" Off to the re-education camp with Chris!

Speaking of re-education, by morning Finkelstein had appended his attack on Hayes' "frankly unfeminist... political incorrectness" with an "update":

UPDATE: Reader Tom E. has brought to my attention that "Girl Talk" is the name of a DJ who specializes in mashups. I'd surmise that, like me, most Hayes viewers didn't get the cultural reference and took "girl talk" at face value.

Very sneaky, Chris Hayes. Very sneaky.

Just to contextualize what Hayes was saying about the synthesis of xenophobic American fears and insecurities in bullshit rumors, here, once again, is an example of an Islamo-Mexican terror rug found near our nation's border.

Furthermore, here is a Girl Talk mashup of Kanye and Marilyn Manson.