Armed Floridian George Zimmerman, who previously used some of his numerous guns to kill black teen Trayvon Martin and menace Zimmerman's then-girlfriend, has been accused of getting into a road-rage confrontation with a driver and threatening to kill him.

Via the AP:

Police are investigating two reports involving the driver and 30-year-old Zimmerman, who was acquitted last year of a second-degree murder charge for shooting an unarmed teenager.

Police say that on Tuesday, the man called police after a truck pulled up next to him and the driver yelled, "Why are you pointing a finger at me?"

Police spokeswoman Bianca Gillett says the man recognized the truck driver as Zimmerman. The man says Zimmerman asked, "Do you know who I am?" and threatened to kill him.

Two days later, the man says he saw Zimmerman in his truck outside his work. He called police but declined to press charges. His name hasn't been released.

Zimmerman was last seen in the public eye hanging out with his dog in his truck, in the parking lot of a motorcycle-and-gun shop, claiming to be running security for the store. The shopowner, a friend of Zimmerman's, said he wasn't being paid to sit there; he just liked to hang out.

[Photo credit: AP Images]