Maybe if more professors could legally carry firearms at work, there'd be fewer school shootings. Or maybe they'd just unintentionally shoot themselves, like this Idaho State University chem professor.

Despite widespread opposition from college leaders, faculty and students, Idaho's appropriately named governor, Butch Otter, signed a law in March that authorizes gun owners to carry on public campuses across the state. One unnamed ISU-Pocatello professor seized on the opportunity Tuesday afternoon to show his students what an armed citizen can do:

The Idaho State Journal said that the professor was teaching a chemistry class, when he got shot in the foot.

Pocatello Police Lieutenant Paul Manning said that the instructor was carrying a pistol in his pocket that went off unexpectedly. The injured man was taken to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello.

ISU president Arthur Vailas called the accident "unfortunate."

"I'm sure the incident was scary and embarrassing," he told the State Journal.

Local News 8 stressed that the professor, who could walk of his own accord after the small-caliber pistol discharged, did "have the enhanced concealed carry permit required to carry a weapon on campus," so take heart in knowing that he was not an irresponsible gun owner, but One of The Good Ones.

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"When they passed this law it was bound to happen," Vailas, the prof's boss, added. Meantime, this Boise State professor is still waiting around for some answers to his tactical shooting questions.