A new CNN/ORC poll suggest half of Americans "believe Republican control of both chambers of Congress will be bad for the country, and a majority say it will in fact cause more gridlock in Washington." If only these Americans had a recent opportunity to effect a different political outcome!

Via CNN, majorities and pluralities of our countrymen and women believe democracy wouldn't be great if it wasn't for all these dumb elections:

According to the survey, 50 percent of Americans believe the GOP taking control of the House and the Senate next year will be bad for America, and 52 percent expect it to lead to more gridlock. Another 37 percent, however, expect to see no difference in the levels of gridlock in Congress.

But Americans seem to believe the GOP should be the ones to budge.

Sixty-eight percent of Americans polled say the GOP isn't cooperating enough with President Barack Obama, while 57 percent say it's Obama who's not cooperating enough with the GOP.

This world, this is a funny world.

[Photo credit: AP Images]