Jade Helm: The Pretend Invasion of Texas That's Driving the Web Crazy

From July 15th to September 15th, over a thousand armed American soldiers will maneuver through the Southwest United States as part of a vast operation with a single motto: "Master the Human Domain." Internet conspiracy theorists wait their whole lives for a moment this rich. » 3/30/15 12:44pm Yesterday 12:44pm

Did Clinton's Backdoor Adviser Illegally Lobby for Putin Ally?

Hillary Clinton says there is nothing to hide in her scandalous personal email account, now apparently half-deleted. But leaked emails from her longtime confidant Sidney Blumenthal show that he and another former official from Bill Clinton's administration were secretly lobbying the secretary of state on behalf of a… » 3/30/15 11:37am Yesterday 11:37am

Iran Claims U.S. Drone Killed Two of Its Military Advisers in Iraq

As nuclear negotiations between Iran and U.S. allies go down to the wire, the Islamic Republic has accused America of killing two of its advisers in the ground war in Iraq with an unmanned aerial vehicle—though U.S. officials say the allegation has no merit. » 3/30/15 11:33am Yesterday 11:33am

Report: Man Dressed as Woman Killed in Cocaine-Fueled Shootout at NSA

At least one person was killed and two were injured this morning after a driver reportedly attempted to ram the security gates outside of Fort Meade, the Army complex that houses the NSA's headquarters. Shots were reportedly fired during the attempted breach, though it's not immediately clear who fired them. » 3/30/15 11:23am Yesterday 11:23am

Missing Restricted Military Gear Keeps Popping Up for Sale on eBay

Why Won't the Post Name CIA Counterterrorism Chief Michael D'Andrea?

The Washington Post reported this morning that, pursuant to CIA Director John Brennan's vaunted re-organization plans, the chief of the agency's counterterrorism center has been unceremoniously reassigned. The newspaper declined to report this name, however: Michael D'Andrea. » 3/26/15 3:26pm Thursday 3:26pm

FBI Arrests National Guardsman and His Cousin For Trying to Join ISIS

Federal authorities late yesterday arrested Spc. Hasan Edmonds, 22, a Illinois Army National Guard soldier, and his cousin Jonas, 29, for attempting to join the Islamic State's anti-Western jihad, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. » 3/26/15 12:48pm Thursday 12:48pm

John Bolton Makes a Really Good Point in His Case for Bombing Iran

Post-peace hipster follicle-farm John Bolton is the latest contestant in the New York Times' "Who can write the insanest Strangelove shit about scary Persians?" sweepstakes, with an entry that concludes we must bomb... something somewhere. But if you pan this stream of consciousness long enough, a gold nugget turns up. » 3/26/15 11:42am Thursday 11:42am

Report: Israel Spied on US Talks with Iran

The Wall Street Journal reports that White House officials learned last year that Israel was spying on closed-door talks with Iran, which wouldn't have been a problem but for the fact that the Israelis shared what they'd learned with lawmakers. » 3/24/15 10:01am 3/24/15 10:01am

Lindsey Graham Knows What's Up

» 3/23/15 1:37pm 3/23/15 1:37pm

Tom Friedman Is Just Sayin': Why Don't We Arm ISIS?

Is the world flat enough for you yet? Do you require more flattening? 'Cause it can be arranged. Nay, it should be, according to Tom Friedman, who—and he's just spitballing here—wonders, in the New York Times, where he is paid to spitball for Pulitzers: "Should we be arming ISIS?" » 3/18/15 12:37pm 3/18/15 12:37pm

An Anonymous Cop Is Here to Answer All Your Questions About the Police

Police officers turn up a lot in Gawker stories, but unless they're a department commissioner giving a press conference or a union leader loudly berating a public official, it's rare that they actually have a voice. What does the average beat cop think about Darren Wilson or Daniel Pantaleo? What is he looking for… » 3/17/15 11:22am 3/17/15 11:22am

Gun Lobby Crushes Limits on Armor-Piercing Ammo That It Helped Create

As the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives prepares to defend his budget before angry pro-gun senators Thursday, the agency is hitting the brakes on a plan to ban a type of armor-piercing ammunition after pushback from gun activists, sources tell Gawker. » 3/10/15 3:32pm 3/10/15 3:32pm

ISIS Militants Bulldoze and Ransack Ancient City of Nimrud 

In another assault on Iraq's cultural legacy, Islamic State militants reportedly destroyed the remains of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud Thursday, an attack Iraq's tourism and antiquities ministry says "defy the will of the world and the feelings of humanity." » 3/06/15 1:03pm 3/06/15 1:03pm

How Unsafe Was Hillary Clinton's Secret Staff Email System?

When Hillary Clinton ditched government email in favor of a secret, personal address, it wasn't just an affront to Obama's vaunted transparency agenda—security experts consulted by Gawker have laid out a litany of potential threats that may have exposed her email conversations to potential interception by hackers… » 3/06/15 10:30am 3/06/15 10:30am

"Religious Liberty" Fanboy: Gays "Don't Even Know What Gender They Are"

Georgia will deal with creeping sharia and marching socialism and also its unemployment rate—among the highest in the nation—just as soon as it passes this bill defending righteous, traditional Americans' freedom to hate gays. And how can anyone resist such a bill when proponents defend it as eloquently as this? » 3/05/15 3:28pm 3/05/15 3:28pm

NRA Secretly Backs Group Aiming To Save Elephants Now, Kill Them Later

A couple of weeks ago, a group called the Elephant Protection Association (EPA) sent an email to a Maryland woman with elephant-hugging tendencies after she'd registered for membership online. There was an important measure coming before the General Assembly in Annapolis, HB713, which would restrict the sale of… » 3/04/15 2:23pm 3/04/15 2:23pm

George Washington Weighs in on Bibi Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

Arguments about the founding fathers' intent tend to be stupid. They are the province of elitist dullards and libertarian misrememberers. When not absurdly speculative, their cases ignore that our framers intended minorities and women to be chattel. But every so often, a framer speaks precisely to our modern condition. » 3/04/15 2:03pm 3/04/15 2:03pm

Aussie, 28, Is First Westerner Killed Fighting ISIS

Kurdish forces besieging an ISIS-held position Tuesday have confirmed that Ashley Johnston, 28, an Australian pictured above at right, was killed fighting with the Kurds, making him apparently the first English-speaking Westerner to die in combat against the Islamic State. » 2/27/15 12:53pm 2/27/15 12:53pm

Christian Fighters Abandon Anti-ISIS Kurd Group Because It's Communist

It takes a special kind of person to leave home and join a foreign militia to fight the theocratic brutes of the Islamic State's army. It takes an even more special person to realize, a little too late, that his chosen anti-ISIS militia holds a political and religious ideology that's as antithetical to his own as… » 2/27/15 12:43pm 2/27/15 12:43pm